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“All the staff and children from Nursery to Year 2 had exciting storytelling sessions with Beth. The children thoroughly enjoyed the exciting tales, musical performances, and interactive parts of the session. This is the second time we’ve had Beth visit our school and on both occasions her sessions have been thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you Beth.”

Gemma KS1 Lead at Walton Holy Moorside Primary 2022

The yr 3/4 national curriculum requires ‘increasing familiarity with a wide range of books including fairy stories, myths and legends and retelling some of these orally’ (pg 35 2014) and there cannot be a more enjoyable way of doing this than though a live storytelling performance.

Storytelling can really enrich world culture, history or literacy topics and helps children become familiar with the traditional stories that have informed all our favourite writers!

Beth offers interactive storytelling performances and workshops across Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and Lincolnshire. With music, props, singing and call and response, these sessions are hugely fun, immersive and full of story wisdom.

Sessions include:

KS1 – Traditional Tales, Fabulous Fairytales, Spring Celebration/Summer Solstice/Autumn feast/Winter Wonder tales, Earthcare and Wisdom Tales, Celebration  Stories, Animal Antics, Chinese New Year stories

KS2 – African Folktales, Greek Myths, Viking Myths, Trickster tales, Mythical Beasts & Magical creatures, Earthcare and Wisdom Tales, Celebration stories, Seasonal Wonder Tales, A Feast of Folk and Fairytales

Please enquire at for more details of each session and if you have a specific topic you would like a session created for.

Below are my current prices 2023.

Beth has delivered sessions at many schools over the last 10 years here is some feedback received.

St Joseph’s Handsworth: “They clearly got a great deal out of the day and came back to the classroom buzzing about it” N Frankish

Arbourthorne:  “Thank you very much for your fantastic storytelling sessions this week “ Catherine Nowill

“Once again thank you for such a fabulous workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and drama session. You covered such an important learning objective for the year 3 English National Curriculum. The children’s knowledge and understanding of Ancient Greece has developed. ” Hannah Hope OLMC Doncaster

“The children were really engaged and excited by the stories – a lovely fun experience for them.” Carol Jenkins, Balby Primary Year 1

Please also contact for teacher and student workshops on using storytelling in the classroom and scroll down for prices and information about setting up a session.


Pricelist and important information about my sessions!

Session Prices (not inclusive of travel if outside of Sheffield)
One interactive storytelling session (up to 55 mins performance) £95
Half day Storytelling (up to 2.25 hours storytelling) or Storytelling plus workshop £145
Full day Storytelling (up to 4 hours storytelling) £235
Full day storytelling plus one hour teacher’s workshop on using oral storytelling in the curriculum for literacy £265

Points to consider when booking a storytelling session:

  • My storytelling sessions are very interactive and energetic and I limit total performance time to 4 hours.
  • Each storytelling session needs to be 35-55 minutes for children to get full experience. I recommend 1-4 classes in a session.
  •  My prices are very reasonable and are inclusive of prep/props/insurance/DBS so do consider booking one full and one half day if you have a big school.
  • If teachers and support staff are present in the session it will help make the most of the session in follow-up work
  • I’m happy to suggest work to follow-up storytelling. Making props, mini theatre shows, puppets, storyboarding, masks are excellent ways to help children digest the stories.
  • Please ensure there is at least one adult with EACH class.
  • I can tell and set up a storytelling space in a classroom or hall – it needs to be a place where there is minimal traffic and noise.

Look forward to hearing from you!

You can find Beth’s listing here:

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