About Beth

My name is Beth Guiver and I am a freelance storyteller. What an earth is one of those?!

Well, essentially, I tell traditional folktales (think Jack in the Beanstalk, Red Riding hood) Myths and legends (Thor and the sea serpent, King Arthur stories, Greek Goddesses and Gods) as an interactive spoken performance for children. There is music and singing, squelching and slurping and the occasional monster to defeat. These stories come from a tradition of telling stories we have had for thousands of years all over the world. I tell them to you and you tell them to, well whoever you like…

I often work with: Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, (“Thank you so much for doing the stories and mask making – it worked well and everyone went away very happy.” Rebecca Walton) the Sheffield Libraries (“your sessions have been rated as excellent” Tina Barber) and local events such as Totfest and Little Monsters (“A big thank you for joining us at TotFest yesterday, your stories were very popular!” Catherine Lawry) so you may have encountered me already!

These stories teach us wisdom, the great story arcs, other cultures and traditions, literacy through repetition, imaginative and creative thinking and that’s all whilst you are having fun!

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